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Miss Child Naturist Freedom

European Hawaii

Discotheque in the Cottage

Boarding House (American Lady)


Water Games

Saturday in the Whirlpool

Relaxing with a Trampoline


One Day at the Castle Fantasia


A Discotheque in a Cellar


Night merry making


Merry Pool

Piano Pool and Tennis

Miss Naturist Freedom

You Can Never Get Enough Sunbathing

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Aqua Extravaganza

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The Flags are Flying High Down in Odessa

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Naturist Buddies Vol.4

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Scooters and Sunflowers and Nudists, Oh My!

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First Day Of School 2

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Rain Holiday 4

Flowers for the Man in the Moon (1975)


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A Day Of Sailing

Lea and Sister Hоliday


Merry from a favorite movie studio. Three friends sunbathing on the balcony, and then just dance to the fiery music …



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Body Art Nudist Beach Part 1 (13-18)


The third part of the film quality of the famous studio. Young girls, naturist swimming and floating on an inflatable mattress…



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Body Art Nudist Beach Part 1 (1-6)


Classy quality, more than 4-hour film of the famous studio. Specially for fans of this family naturism. For convenience, the film is divided into 9 parts of a few 5-minute clips for each…



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Lea and Friend A day at the river

Merry from a favorite movie studio. Two girlfriends plenty of fun on the beach, and still smeared with mud, so they had to be washed at home in the shower …



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Ritmico Dance Studio Aerobics

Miss Child

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Documentary about the nudists and naturists.
Miss Childhood. Czech naturists in a beauty contest in the open air for the title of Miss Childhood.
Studio Freedom organized a big celebration at the camp for naturists. First, there was a competition for young nudist miss, and then staged a competition for the adults pulling ropes separately for men and women, then there were relay races, sack races and much more. Cheerful, bright day!


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Nudist Pirate Ship Cruise (Nudist Boat Cruise)

Beautiful video documentary famous studio CANDID-HD for the young Ukrainian nudists, which perched on the type of pirate boat set up a small cruise on the warm waters of the Black Sea. Traditional body art, devouring watermelon, swimming behind the yacht and just fooling around — this is the program of the cruise …


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Miss Teen Crimea Naturist (2008)

Most popular video famous studio Candid-HD shot in Crimea and dedicated young nudistok beauty contest. This cheerful event was held in 2008 on a small boat plying the waves of the Black Sea. Cute contenders for the title of "Miss Crimea naturist" gracefully povystupali on a makeshift podium, jumped to the music, which held that stupid contest, and swim in the sea behind, dispersed, satisfied and happy.


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Diary of a Teenage Nudist

Documentary film studio ZKK, filmed for British Channel 4 in 2004, "The Diary of a teenager, nudist" (Diary of a Teenage Nudist) was in the same year shown on British television and has caused on the one hand a lot of interest, and on the other — a storm of indignation bigots and "guardians of morality", who resented the Internet and the media — "a member of a close-up on TV, how awful!" and other such nonsense. The plot of the film is about the — the girl-teenager raised in a family of nudists — nudist club owners. After the entry into adolescence it began to overcome complexes, such as thick and beautiful and she stopped practicing nudism. What would overcome their teenage complexes she decided to take a few interviews at nudist England and the United States about their motivation sessions nudism. In the end, what came of it — after watching all will become clear.

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Country Horse Ride — Full version

Full 45-minute version of the documentary video quality famous studio Candid-HD on the horse walk young Ukrainian nudistok. The film was shot somewhere in the vastness of the Crimea under the warm southern sun — the girls, as expected, naked, nature green, and horses is quite true)).

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Body Art Nudist Beach — Part 2 (Full version)

The second part of the documentary video quality famous studio CANDID-HD about a young Ukrainian nudistok today in their program of body art. Now they practice in painting each other on the beach first, then on the boat ….

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Body Art Nudist Beach — Part 1 (Full version)



Another quality video documentary famous studio CANDID-HD about young Ukrainian nudistok today in their program of body art. Local Picasso painted their slender body colored paints and then the girls gladly frolic in the warm waves of the Black Sea under the warm sun of the Crimea.


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Teen Nudist Workout 1 (Full version)

A longer version of the same file, with no breakdown on the first part of a series of high-quality video famous studio CANDID-HD on the Ukrainian young nudists, or just naked girl, who try to engage in sports: fun noisy crowd in the gym doing any exercise, warm up, sweat on simulators and suffer other okolosportivnyh hernёy …

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