Hello, and Welcome to AB Dreams! AB dreams is a site made by a real ABDL girl!

My name is Daphne Apple, I’m a lifestyle switch. Daphne is my Mommy name and Apple is my Baby name.

I have been ABDL all my life as far back as I can remember and yes I do remember being a baby. For the longest time I thought there was something wrong with me and that I was completely alone in my interest. It took me a while to find there were others with similar desires. What a relief! Now I want to share this side of my life with people like me.

My goal is to create original ABDL content of high quality. I’m extremely passionate about ABDL and enjoy many aspects of it, I think that will show in the thoughtfulness, quality and variety of my images and scenes. As of now there will be weekly updates. I also have an AB sitting services available for those of you who are interested.

I hope that I make enough money so that I can buy a video camera, lights, more furniture, more outfits and diapers of course! Maybe I could even invest in a bigger space. I would also like to be able to afford to pay other ABDL girls well so that they might model for this site.

I hope you will support me by not redistributing or sharing my content as that will hurt me and hinder the site’s progress. By stealing content you might kill this site and any desire for me to share, so please don’t do it.

Thank you so much, please have a look around and enjoy!


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Download: Asfile.com

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A casual change into diapers (32Mb)

A casual change into diapers 1 (38Mb)

Abby All Tied Up (78Mb)

Abby And Apple Hanging Out (144Mb)

Abby And Apple Play (127Mb)

Abby And Apple Play 1 (97Mb)

Abby And AppleIn The Puppy Cage (34Mb)

Abby and Bubbles Hangin’ Out (107Mb)

Abby and Bubbles in Footed Jammies (138Mb)

Abby and Bunny Play in the Nursery (203Mb)

Abby Changes Herself (97Mb)

Abby gets punished for wetting her training pants (105Mb)

Abby Has Story Time (89Mb)

Abby In A Fabine Diaper Softly Tied To The Crib (67Mb)

Abby in Bambino Classicos diapers (99Mb)

Abby in Short Overalls with Her Teddy (105Mb)

Abby Is MY Baby (180Mb)

Abby POV (123Mb)

Abby Won’t Hold Still (214Mb)

Abby’s Cloth Diaper Change (149Mb)

Adorable Girls Lexi and Koneko (259Mb)

After Bath Time (96Mb)

Alexxa and Apple Play (180Mb)

Alexxa Bound and Wet (119Mb)

Alexxa’s Diaper Punishment (201Mb)

Allison After School (157Mb)

Allison Crib Bondage (156Mb)

Alphabet puzzle (379Mb)

Ambushing Jakey (180Mb)

Apple & Abby Trim the Tree (174Mb)

Apple & Arianna in Attends (199Mb)

Apple & Lexi on the Rocking Horse (149Mb)

Apple Abby and Bubbles Open Presents (177Mb)

Apple and Abby build a puzzle (156Mb)

Apple and Abby in School Girl Uniforms (98Mb)

Apple and Abby make out (144Mb)

Apple And Bubbles In The Crib Pt-2 (108Mb)

Apple and Bubbles in the Crib (77Mb)

Apple as Snow White (95Mb)

Apple changes Baby Odette (125Mb)

Apple Changes Feather (95Mb)

Apple changes her wet Diapers (95Mb)

Apple Diapers Allison (143Mb)

Apple Diapers Arianna (129Mb)

Apple Diapers Eva (92Mb)

Apple Diapers Lexi (164Mb)

Apple Diapers Lolette (165Mb)

Apple Feeds Eva A Bottle (59Mb)

Apple Feeds Lexi (138Mb)

Apple Feeds Lily a Bottle (130Mb)

Apple Feeds Lily In the Highchair (190Mb)

Apple first wetting video (48Mb)

Apple In A Baby Dress & Petticoat (205Mb)

Apple in a Conficare 24-7 Diaper (156Mb)

Apple in a Conficare Dry 24-7 pt-2 (167Mb)

Apple In Attends (153Mb)

Apple in Just a Cloth Diaper (186Mb)

Apple in Pajamas & Thick Cloth Diapers Pt-2 (201Mb)

Apple In Pajamas & Thick Cloth Diapers (154Mb)

Apple In Small Abena Diapers (130Mb)

Apple In Tights (164Mb)

Apple in wearing a pink footed sleeper and 24-7s (53Mb)

Apple juice (70Mb)

Apple Nurses Koneko (145Mb)

Apple Plays, Wets And Cries (154Mb)

Apple Puts on cloth diapers — Bonus Video (97Mb)

Apple shows off her wet Diapers (44Mb)

Apple Uses the Magic Wand on Odette (204Mb)

Apple wants to be a big girl (137Mb)

Apple Wet 247 (171Mb)

Apple Wets Her Pullup Pt-1 (114Mb)

Apple Wets Her Pullup Pt-2 (138Mb)

Apple Changes Abby (54Mb)

Apple’s Cute White Dress (254Mb)

Arianna & Apple in Molicares (84Mb)

Arianna in Bondage (169Mb)

Arianna In Super Thick Fabine Diapers (127Mb)

Arianna on the Rocking Horse (141Mb)

Baby Alexxa (108Mb)

Baby Apple Cloth diaper change (269Mb)

Baby Apple In Terry Cloth Diapers (125Mb)

Baby Apple wiggling in a 24-7 (64Mb)

Baby Apple’s Christmas (59Mb)

Baby Arianna in Vintage Attends Pt-1 (96Mb)

Baby Boyfriend POV (224Mb)

Baby Boyfriend (373Mb)

Baby Boy’s Christmas POV (212Mb)

Baby Bubbles Drinks A Bottle (151Mb)

Baby Bubbles Wets (88Mb)

Baby Bubbles (172Mb)

Baby D Diapered by Vanessa and Lolette (233Mb)

Baby Eva Wet Her Pullups (163Mb)

Baby Eva (103Mb)

Baby Friends (168Mb)

Baby Girl POV (195Mb)

Baby Kit and Baby Apple Pt-2 (174Mb)

Baby Kit and Baby Apple (177Mb)

Baby Lexi’s Pink Hoodie (123Mb)

Baby Mandie (216Mb)

Baby Odette And The Teddy Bears (143Mb)

Baby Sasha in the Crib (169Mb)

Baby Tease — Part 1 (125Mb)

Baby Tease — Part 2 (57Mb)

Bad Boyfriend POV (151Mb)

Bad Girl Lolette pt-2 (135Mb)

Bad Girl Lolette (208Mb)

Bath Time (112Mb)

Bath Time 1 (72Mb)

Big Sister Apple Has An Accident (148Mb)

Black Fabine Diaper (189Mb)

Bondage Babies Pt-1 (177Mb)

Bondage Babies Pt-2 (181Mb)

Bonus video — Easter Bunny Baby (70Mb)

Bottles, Changing and Eva (115Mb)

Bratty Bubbles’ Diaper Change (244Mb)

Bubbles day Pt-1 (84Mb)

Bubbles’ Day Pt-2 Bath Time (177Mb)

Bubbles’ Day Pt-3 Diapers (148Mb)

Bubbles Gwyffindor (157Mb)

Bubbles Has a Lollipop (103Mb)

Bubbles Highchair (209Mb)

Bubbles in a Thick Cloth Diaper (132Mb)

Bubbles Needs To Be Changed (159Mb)

Bubbles On Sheepskin (116Mb)

Bubbles Plays Outside Pt-2 (99Mb)

Bubbles Plays Outside (99Mb)

Bubbles’ Toy Popsicle (166Mb)

Bubbles Wakes Up Wet Pt-2 (182Mb)

Bubbles Wakes Up Wet (88Mb)

Bubbles Wet the Bed (185Mb)

Bunny Baby Dress (173Mb)

Bunny Changed by Daddy D (252Mb)

Bunny High Chair (238Mb)

Bunny in Bambinos (163Mb)

Bunny In Cloth (167Mb)

Bunny Photo shoot — bonus video (72Mb)

Bunny Plays in the Crib (131Mb)

Bunny Punishes Abby (260Mb)

Bunny’s Cute Dress (197Mb)

Changed by Mommy and Daddy (109Mb)

Changing Apple (160Mb)

Changing Arianna (188Mb)

Changing Jakey (158Mb)

Changing Lily (135Mb)

Cloth Diapers For Bubbles and Lexi (177Mb)

Cloth tutorial (113Mb)

Cuddly Little Eva (99Mb)

Cute Little Bunny (128Mb)

Cute Little Odette (162Mb)

CVS traning pants (156Mb)

Daddy D Diapers Lolette (305Mb)

Daddy POV (107Mb)

Daddy Puts Apple in Cloth Diapers (182Mb)

Designer Disposable Diaper (167Mb)

Diaper Change for Odette (143Mb)

Diaper Lovers (265Mb)

Diaper Nurses POV (266Mb)

Diaper Pet Feather Hogtied (104Mb)

Diaper Punishment For Abby (200Mb)

Diaper Therapy for Bunny pt-2 (120Mb)

Diaper Therapy for Bunny pt-3 (181Mb)

Diaper Therapy for Bunny (213Mb)

Diaper Time for Bubbles (160Mb)

D-I-A-P-E-R! (178Mb)

Diapered All Around Town (121Mb)

Diapered Pet Odette (110Mb)

Dommy Lolette (364Mb)

Double-Teamed and Put Into Diapers (98Mb)

Easter Babies (105Mb)

Eva and Apple in Fabine Diapers (116Mb)

Eva Changes James (126Mb)

Eva Comes Home From Work (134Mb)

Eva Cuffed and Collared (77Mb)

Eva Diapers Herself (166Mb)

Eva Hanging Out (191Mb)

Eva In Tights (135Mb)

Eva’s Cute Baby Outfit (95Mb)

Eva’s Diaper Change (149Mb)

Eva’s First Video (90Mb)

Eva’s Time Out Pt-1 (70Mb)

Eva’s Time Out Pt-2 (91Mb)

Feather and Apple Play (143Mb)

Feather and Apple Play 1 (153Mb)

Feather Baby Pet — Part 1 (141Mb)

Feather Gets Strapped To The Changing Table (129Mb)

Feather Has A Lollipop (110Mb)

Feather tries cloth diapers (140Mb)

Feather’s Morning Change (97Mb)

Green Apple (328Mb)

Handcuffed andtrying not to wet (149Mb)

Home from work — POV (227Mb)

How I Like To Double Diapers (127Mb)

I heart Molicares (209Mb)

Introducing Alexxa (143Mb)

Jake gets caught stealing diapers (168Mb)

Kissy Babies (164Mb)

Kit (107Mb)

Koneko and Apple (170Mb)

Koneko and Lolette (171Mb)

Koneko Changes Lexi (273Mb)

Koneko Diaper Punishment Pt-1 (203Mb)

Koneko Diaper Punishment Pt-2 (199Mb)

Koneko Diaper Punishment Pt-3 (223Mb)

Koneko in a Black Dress (210Mb)

Koneko Nurses Lexi (215Mb)

Koneko Tries On Dry 24-7s (123Mb)

Koneko Wets Her Pants (215Mb)

Koneko’s Diaper Change (156Mb)

Leashed to the Crib (205Mb)

Lexi & Apple In Pink & Blue (180Mb)

Lexi & Bubbles in the Crib (145Mb)

Lexi and Bubbles (194Mb)

Lexi Changed By Nurses (262Mb)

Lexi Changed By Sasha (178Mb)

Lexi Gets a Bottle (163Mb)

Lexi in a Cloth Diaper (120Mb)

Lexi’s Cute Diaper Cover (170Mb)

Lily and Apple Undress (230Mb)

Lily and Apple (114Mb)

Lily Plays in the Crib (143Mb)

Lily Plays Kitten (107Mb)

Little Pet Lolette (345Mb)

Lolette and Apple Halloween Pt-1 (153Mb)

Lolette and Apple Halloween Pt-2 (159Mb)

Lolette Apple Valentine’s Day (335Mb)

Lolette Changes Abby (158Mb)

Lolette Changes Her Little Brother (304Mb)

Lolette Changes Winnie (260Mb)

Lolette Diapers Apple (234Mb)

Lolette in Cloth Diapers (118Mb)

Lolette on the Rocking Horse (197Mb)

Lolette Plays in the Nursery (81Mb)

Lolette Wets Her Goodnights Pt-2 (189Mb)

Lolette’s Baby Pictures (185Mb)

Lolette’s New Toy (126Mb)

Look at my wet diapers (72Mb)

Lucky Baby Boy (177Mb)

Madeline Plays In The Nursery (134Mb)

Maid Abby (101Mb)

Mandie Cuffed to the Crib (133Mb)

Mandie Gets Punished (205Mb)

Mandie on the Rocking Horse (136Mb)

Mandie Playpen Bondage (161Mb)

Mandie Spanked and Diapered (221Mb)

Mandie Wets (209Mb)

Mandie’s Diaper Training (111Mb)

Messy baby cake (122Mb)

Midnight change (211Mb)

Momma Comes home from work (139Mb)

Mommy and Baby Jakey play (91Mb)

Mommy Changes Abby (152Mb)

Mommy changes sleepy Baby Pudge (144Mb)

Mommy Feeds Abby (81Mb)

Mommy Sasha Changes Your Diaper POV (110Mb)

Mommy Sasha Feeds Apple (186Mb)

Mommy Sasha Feeds Lexi (129Mb)

Mommy Vanessa And Baby Apple (93Mb)

Mommy Vanessa Changes Abby (89Mb)

Mommy Vanessa changes Lolette (180Mb)

Mommy Vanessa Changes Odette (72Mb)

Mommy Vanessa Feeds Apple (188Mb)

Mommy Vanessa Makes Apple Wet (58Mb)

Mommy Vanessa Plays With Apple (85Mb)

My New AB POV Part -1 (83Mb)

My New AB POV Part -2 (179Mb)

My Pet Bubbles Pt-1 (62Mb)

My Pet Bubbles Pt-2 (100Mb)

Naughty Bubbles (123Mb)

Naughty Bubbles 1 (137Mb)

New Baby Sitter POV (268Mb)

New Babysitter POV Pt-2 (202Mb)

New Room — sissy punishment POV (341Mb)

New Room POV (316Mb)

New Years Baby Joins the Party (59Mb)

Nurses Help Lexi Wet (217Mb)

Nursing Odette (75Mb)

Odette & Apple In The Crib (146Mb)

Odette and Apple Have a Playdate (184Mb)

Odette Diaper Pet Pt-2 (245Mb)

Odette Diaper Pet (161Mb)

Odette Gets Diapered (77Mb)

Odette in a Small Bambino (128Mb)

Odette In Cloth Pt-2 (82Mb)

Odette In Cloth (52Mb)

Odette in Footed PJs (108Mb)

Odette In Libero Diapers (103Mb)

Odette in Small Bambinos (146Mb)

Odette in Soft Cuffs (110Mb)

Odette Nap Time Diaper Bondage (221Mb)

Odette Plays In The Nursery (106Mb)

Odette Plays With the Hitachi (210Mb)

Odette Undresses (74Mb)

Odette Wets Her Pants (124Mb)

Odette Wets (118Mb)

Odette’s Made to Wet (144Mb)

Out of Goodnights into Bambinos (166Mb)

Pampered Odette (179Mb)

Pink and Purple Diapers (208Mb)

Pink Dress (154Mb)

Pink Princess Pullups (148Mb)

Playing with toys (35Mb)

POV DL gets caught (401Mb)

POV playing house with Apple (192Mb)

Powder Puff Girls (286Mb)

Pretty Dressed Up Bubbles (138Mb)

Princess Bunny’s Diaper Change (247Mb)

Printed Fabine Diaper Tease (79Mb)

Putting Abby Into Terrycloth (109Mb)

Sasha and Lolette Change Baby D (282Mb)

Sasha Changes Baby Lolette (176Mb)

Sasha is Wet (170Mb)

Sasha Makes Lolette Cum (211Mb)

Sasha Nurses Bubbles (170Mb)

Sasha Nurses Lexi (180Mb)

Sasha Nurses Lolette (131Mb)

School Girl Apple (160Mb)

Schoolgirl Bubbles Draw A Picture (89Mb)

Schoolgirl Bubbles (130Mb)

Snack Time For Baby Allison (151Mb)

Story Time (162Mb)

Story Time 1 (94Mb)

Thirsty after a nap (62Mb)

Three Pretty Babies (139Mb)

Tight Jean Shorts (152Mb)

Two Mommies POV (183Mb)

Vanessa and Apple DL girlfriends Part-1 (97Mb)

Vanessa Breastfeeds Apple (82Mb)

Vanessa Breastfeeds Bubbles (94Mb)

Vanessa Changes Apple (138Mb)

Vanessa Changes Bubbles (151Mb)

Vanessa Changes Lexi (161Mb)

Vanessa Checks Apple’s Diaper (73Mb)

Vanessa Feeds Abby (97Mb)

Vanessa Feeds Two Babies (153Mb)

Vanessa Gives Bratty Apple Diaper Discipline (116Mb)

Vanessa Nurses Apple (192Mb)

Vanessa Nurses Her Babies (143Mb)

Vanessa Nurses Lexi (218Mb)

Vanessa Nurses Lolette (145Mb)

Video Blog With Vanessa (27Mb)

Video Blog (61Mb)

We Need Diaper Changes (157Mb)

Wet Pants Diaper Punishment Part-2 (197Mb)

Wet Pants Diaper Punishment (283Mb)

Wetting An Attends M10 (143Mb)

Winnie Changed by Apple (265Mb)

Winnie is Wet (187Mb)

Bubbles and the Giant Teddy Bear (183Mb)

Lolette Gives Baby Koneko a Bath (186Mb)

Sasha’s Wet Training Pants (304Mb)

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