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Love Lost (2001)



The second series of the Czech two-part fantasy series about the adventures of a young lady in the kingdom of evil and darkness in search of his lost love and her relentless struggle against evil and injustice in the world. Very similar to our old films from the series «Visiting a fairy tale», but is more creative.



Directed by: Viktor Polesny / Victor Polesny.
Starring: Danica Juriovb, Zlata Adamovskb, Svatopluk Skopal, Simona Staљovb, Vladimnr Dlouhe, Jan Vlasák, Hana Gregorovb, of Miroslav Hruљka, by Jana Janmkovb, Arnoљt Goldflam, Michal Sieczkowski, Alena Sasnnovb, Jishina Bohdalovb.
Czech Republic 2001


Duration: 0:49:26
Resolution: 640×384
Format: avi
Size: 404Mb






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