Secretary Bunny



Year: 2015

Language: English



You sent your secretary, Bunny, into your office for some documents, but what she found were the diapers you had stashed in your desk! The next time the two of you are alone in your office, she confronts you with what she’s found. «Is this what turns you on?», she asks, as she spreads a diaper out right on top of your desk. Your secretary clearly thinks you’re a pervert, and knows you’ll do anything to keep anyone else from finding out, but she also thinks these diapers might be worth a try. Bunny makes you watch as she uses your desk as a changing table, spreading her legs so you get a good look at her rubbing herself with lotion and lots of baby powder. By the time she pulls the soft padding against her pussy, Bunny decides she definitely likes the way it feels. It must be your lucky day, because she has a bargain for you. You’re going to start letting Bunny have her way at work, even though you’re her boss. In exchange, she won’t tell anyone your little secret, AND she’ll start wearing diapers to work, just for you!



Duration: 0:08:47
Resolution: 1024×576
Format: mp4
Size: 194Mb






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