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Skipped Parts (2000)



American comedy on the theme of growing up, filmed on the novel, is a summary:
fourteen young man, Sam wants to become a writer. The key to success, he said, a thorough study of the chosen theme. Since around a lot of beautiful girls, Sam does not fluctuate with the definition of the foundations of his work: only love! But the thing — near the kid a little experience in this difficult case. And he decides to seek help from his classmates …
The original novel called «Skipped Parts» ( «Omitted place»), under the same name as the film was released in the United States. However, in the Russian translation of it is known as «Children up to Sixteen», and in the UK comes as a «The Wonder of Sex» ( «The wonders of sex»).



Director: Tamra Davis / Tamra Davis.
Starring: Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mischa Barton, Bug Hall, Peggy Lipton, Angela Featherstone, Brad Renfro, R. Lee Ermey, Michael Greyeyes, Gerald Lenton-Young, Andrea Menard.
USA, 2000



Duration: 1:35:42
Resolution: 720×416
Format: avi
Size: 1400Mb






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