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Bonfire on the shores of the North Sea

Tutti, Frutti, Nudie

Miss Child

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Documentary about the nudists and naturists.
Miss Childhood. Czech naturists in a beauty contest in the open air for the title of Miss Childhood.
Studio Freedom organized a big celebration at the camp for naturists. First, there was a competition for young nudist miss, and then staged a competition for the adults pulling ropes separately for men and women, then there were relay races, sack races and much more. Cheerful, bright day!


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Bathing in a Bahnak – Naturist Freedom


Bahnak – Holiday House, or rather camp in the outskirts of the Czech town Otkrovitse, famous large grassy meadows, clean air and organized recreation. In addition to swimming in the lake, offers hiking, cycling, excursions to neighboring towns with castles and museums. This time Bahnak completely dominated society naturists. Many families naturists come here to escape from the city and relax in the fresh air.

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Slide in the Summer – Naturist Freedom


In one of the country’s campgrounds for family naturism, adult arranged for a kids park in the open air.Skating on a makeshift hill, women’s soccer t, etc. Very high quality and hilarious movie.

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Outdoor Games – Naturist Freedom


There are many movies that show life family naturism in separate rooms, but a real place where you can relax, enjoy the fresh air, to feel more free – this is nature! Film from the famous studio that promote family naturism family naturist holiday shows on one of the “green” holiday camps.

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Family Nudism Movies – Naked Shoot Out

Look! Those nudists are armed and dangerous! Children and adults nudists are trying their hand at getting hit. They shoot from these rifles (air), under these goals. In addition, a large family nudist involved more “crazy” antics. In general, another sunny and warm day in the harmony of body and nature.

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