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An FKK St Patricks Day

10 февраля 2015 Нет комментариев

Very possibly the greatest St. Patricks day party you’ve ever seen. Over 450 naturist family members in attendance. Crazy party games, traditional Irish music, dancing till the cows come home, and over 3000 green ballons make this the ultimate in St. Patricks Day celebrations.
The St. Patrick’s Day festivities continue with games, music, and merriment galore. This video is truly a classic and energy incomparable. An Irish treasure indeed.


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Oh Marbella! (2006)

This funny comedy movie filmed for the famous resort of Marbella advertising on the money of the local budget, which would raise the popularity and attendance of the famous destinations of nudists and naturists from all over the world. Nezateyliv plot, and how it matters — the main shows all the charm of the resort, as well as holiday makers there who love the sun, sea and sand …
4 stories … one weekend … a lot can happen in 72 hours!

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Fiesta Tropical

21 октября 2014 Нет комментариев

Fiesta: Clare, a lifelong Naturist, invites her girlfriends over to celebrate her 13th birthday party in her tropical backyard for skinny dipping, poolside games, cake and presents. A large attendance, beautiful weather, a lush landscape and enthusiastic group of Naturists make this a vibrant film. All female.

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