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Inflatable Slide

Enature Sunny Days Funny Plays

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Inflatable Slide – Naturist Freedom


On a large clearing where to stay together dozens of naturist families, inflated slide. This fun at first attracted the children, who were simply thrilled with the opportunity to fool around and plenty to go on this huge inflatable slides. Adults first saw to it that children have a safe ride, and then themselves, rushed to skate and get real pleasure, because they have a child this was not.

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Sunny Days – Funny Plays

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The Crimea is once again host to dozens of naturist families, who gather each summer on the Black Sea shores to soak up the sun and play their holidays away without clothes and without a care in the world. The uncomplicated character of these naturists lends itself perfectly to a blend of good humor and childlike fun that will enchant you over and over as you watch in amazement these Sunny Days and Funny Plays!

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