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Holidays With Girls (Disc 2)

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Holidays With Girls 2012

Holidays With Girls (Disc 2)

Naked holidays are always a pleasure, and if you can bring a beautiful girl along, so much the better.Kimberley is wonderful at a party, and provides lots of new ideas for fun. Dee enjoys a naked walk to a beautiful lake, and Andrea enjoys a super body painting. We watch the beauty of Liessel dancing and candles illuminating Gwen. Gwen enjoys a bowling bar, and finally Agi inspires Aneta at a crowded nightclub.In the second disc, Gwen does lots of exercises, and Rob shows new games to a party of four girls. Andrea and Simona have fun dressed in the latest style, and Gwen becomes a tiger. Finally we have a medley of five girls on three visits to a great Barcelona nightclub called Roxy Blue.


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