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For Love of Grandmother


Lakeside Day Friends

Lake Forest Friends series

At Monika’s Home

Summer Vacation

Lake Forest Friends

Naked Adventures By The Azov sea

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Julia and Valerie

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Lakecide Day Friends Set.1

Lakecide Day Friends Set.2




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Flowers for the Man in the Moon (1975)


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Du Sel Sur La Peau (1984)


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The girl dela blue backpack (1979)

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Friends Nude Pool Sauna

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Lea and Sister Hоliday


Merry from a favorite movie studio. Three friends sunbathing on the balcony, and then just dance to the fiery music …



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LS Magazine 01 Sweet Twins

Party – Nudist off to the army / Ciao Ciao to RADIK

Adams New Apartment 1997

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Adam’s school friends gather to celebrate his first apartment. Presents, good cheer — a catered nude luncheon at a local restaurant. House warming nudist style.

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Euronat Euronatural Euronaturally

Documentary video about nudism — Euronat. Live communication in the company’s European friends nudists, when they are interviewed, they are not even ashamed of their naked kind and happy to go on contact with the reporter.

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L’Amateur 1996

Film fans to invite friends girls who strip for the camera. However, he voiced his thoughts and turn to former lover.

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Girlfriends on the nude beach. Part-1

Hidden camera, or rather its imitation on a bare beach somewhere in the southern edges, two friends come to sunbathe, chat yes to shoot in every sense of the word. Around crowd nudists and just relax and the girls tightly communicate both among themselves and with others …


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At the Cottage With the Ziga Family – Naturist Freedom

Excellent and high quality film from the famous studio. Naturism Family Home … Warm cottage, warm and friendly atmosphere, great friends, good conversation. The film – a vivid example of promoting family naturism!

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Senza Buccia / Vacaciones al Desnudo


Very rare film with a young porn star Chichiolinoy. A lot of nude and sex scenes. A young man, Daniel is resting in a circle of friends on the beach, but he has no luck with women. The situation changes when they rescue a boat with a couple of nudists from Norway. Beautiful blonde (Cicciolina) introduces confusion into the company. Remaining vacation all go naked, making love, jealous of each other …

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PureNudism (SiteRip) – Lake Forest Friends [Premium Content]


PureNudism – Nudist Pictures [Water Locations] [SiteRip] Set #1

PureNudism – HolyNature – Lakeside Day Friends


Lovely family holiday Photopictures Czech naturists in the woods by the lake (1542 photos). Once again we can see that in families naturists very much on the children. And here – adults all the time, except for the adult wood cross, given to children. I am sure that after this stay – healthy and active, sleep among children will be very healthy … Image quality – excellent.

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PureNudism (SiteRip) – Events Naturist Family [Lake Forest Friends series]


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At Monika’s Home – Naturist Freedom


Monica had invited to his house of his best friends. How nice that they all share a love of naturism, which gives them the freedom to communicate and emancipation. Friendship, concord and good mood perfectly shown in this elm. High quality film from the famous studio.

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Summer Vacation – Naturist Freedom


Vacation is generally considered to be the best time to make new friends and expand social circle. On this feast of the nature of many young people communicate, play, their naked bodies absorb the gentle rays of the sun and caressed by the gentle touch of the warm wind. Join them!


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PureNudism – Nudist Pictures [Lake Forest Friends] UpdateD

Great Balls & Naked Fire – Family Nudism


The summer is trundling along at a great pace and it’s July. Our friends from the UNO continue their adventures in the Crimea, returning now to Fox Bay, an old favourite from long ago when our first adventures here were recorded. A huge plastic ball gives vent to much fun and laughter, as we spend a night on the beach, a romantic fire is lit to keep us warm and to let the fancies fly.


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Liberty Mountain – Family Nudism

The sun is calling, the sea is beckoning, liberty is our only dream, and so we return this summer to our old haunt, Fox Bay, home to so many of our past adventures and dreams. In this first chapter, our friends have some great fun on the beach with a couple of large plastic shells, painted to look real, and, with apologies to Botticelli, we enact our own version of the birth of Venus. Then the volcanic mountains become our gateway to total liberty: in the forests and in our hearts, liberty, we call your name. And this summer, Pavlik, our very old friend, has rejoined us, now an athletic young man with a keen eye for photography. Other friends come as well, and we live out our very own Alpine Symphony, with amazing landscapes and beautiful naked freedom. Here then is the record of a fabulous trek across our Liberty Mountain.

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