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For Love of Grandmother

Indoor Water Slide Day

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Indoor swim exercise

Full Pool

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Kids Indoor Dolphin Ride

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Indoor Water Runners #1

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PureNudism – For Love of Grandmother

Grandchildren, children and friends decided to have a party for her grandmother. Indoor small pool birthday party turned into a celebration of freedom of the body, spirit and good mood. Naturism – a good and sincere state of mind and it perkrasno seen on the film. Children naturists, adult naturists, they just like to be such as they are.

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PureNudism – Indoor Water Slide Day

PureNudism – Indoor swim exercise


Grandiose “pleskalovo” staged family naturists in the indoor swimming pool. In addition to pampering in the water, it was still a lot of inflatable toys, educational games for children and competitions.

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Aqua Extravaganza – PureNudism

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Beautiful and bright film of excellent quality from the famous studio. Members of a large community of rented a indoor water park.Pool with huge waves like a creepy kids, and adults – full reality the waves. Gym and outdoor games are very useful for the younger generation, especially as adults’ attention is not deprived. Convincing example of promoting family naturism.

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Full Pool – Naturist Freedom

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Full pool. Czech naturisty families in the indoor pool.

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