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It’s A Wonderful Job But… Someone Has To Do It

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Office Baby Pt-2




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Naughty Instructor

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It’s A Wonderful Job But… Someone Has To Do It – Family Naturism

Making films and photographs for a living is still perhaps one of the most interesting and sometimes glamorous jobs in today’s fast and furious image-ridden society. But when combined with the philosophy of naturism, in which nudity is an essential part, then it becomes even more interesting and filled with potential artistic opportunities, as well as being an excuse for travel to different places around the globe. AWWC, Inc has been filming and photographing naturist families for many years now and in many different places,and their reputation needs no introduction to naturists worldwide. This latest offering brings us fantastic images of the early summer in Kiev, where local naturists herald the sun with their usual exuberance and sense of fun. So, yes, all in all, we can definitely say: It is a wonderful job – and we are very happy to be doing it still!

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Fantastic Fun Time Festival

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It is a pity that these memorable for every naturist days have already passed, but in the following years in Koktebel Neptune Day will be celebrated on an even grander scale. It really is a fantastic festival and a great job of the film, which can rightly be called a classic nudist documentary. Camping in the circle of friends, but still as active as in this film will give strength and health of the whole year ahead! Very colorful, fun and high quality film.

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