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Fitness Girls

France 4 naturisme — liberty TV Nudism in France video

De specialist voor naturistische vakanties. Nudism in France video. France the love and cognac country, is also known for the resorts for a nudism, rest as a family and for a tourist nudism.

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Yawalapiti — Indians from the river Xingu

Yawalapiti Indians from the river Xingu (Brazil). Collection of various video broadcasting journalists — in the original, without translation!
The Yawalapiti live in a remote natural habitat in the Amazon known as the Xingu National Park. They are a hugely decorative tribe that has many shamanic ceremonies. The Yawalapiti are also a wrestling tribe with many sexual games. The films follows the tribe as a recent lunar eclipse initiates a ceremony to protect against spirits. What follows is a mixture of wrestling innuendo; trance induced rituals and elaborate and colourful body painting.

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Fitness Girls – Naturist Freedom


A very high quality both in image and substance known film studio. Everyone knows that the adherents of naturism,
highly respected, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So in this movie, mom rented a gym, take with subsidiaries and enthusiastically engaged in self-improvement. Of course it’s more for the kids play and mischief, but at this age, and thus strengthens the body and a healthy mind. What could be better than to work towards improving and hardening of the body, when there is no hindering clothes and when you are in the circle of friends?! The film clearly promotes family naturism  and healthy lifestyle.

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King and Queen of Koktebel 2

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As the adults prepare for the festival to come, the kids spend the afternoon hiking up mountains and cooling off in the water. High-quality film studio known. We are back on nudist beach Koktebel, where the talent competition. Nudists of all ages compete in the ability to dance, sing, recite poetry. Everything is real, and the jury and the evaluation and prizes to the winners.

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