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Rocky canyon cabin 2



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Die nackte Wahrheit — 100 Jahre FKK

A new documentary television film on the history of nudism and naturism in Germany for the past 100 years. Considered as political aspects of this phenomenon, and psychological, as well as philosophical. In the film, a lot of old documentary footage, interviews, and other interesting information.

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Le Cap d’Agde

Liberty Mountain – Family Nudism

The sun is calling, the sea is beckoning, liberty is our only dream, and so we return this summer to our old haunt, Fox Bay, home to so many of our past adventures and dreams. In this first chapter, our friends have some great fun on the beach with a couple of large plastic shells, painted to look real, and, with apologies to Botticelli, we enact our own version of the birth of Venus. Then the volcanic mountains become our gateway to total liberty: in the forests and in our hearts, liberty, we call your name. And this summer, Pavlik, our very old friend, has rejoined us, now an athletic young man with a keen eye for photography. Other friends come as well, and we live out our very own Alpine Symphony, with amazing landscapes and beautiful naked freedom. Here then is the record of a fabulous trek across our Liberty Mountain.

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