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Yoga and the Girls

International Naturist Dance Show

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Playing with toys



My first video! I was really nervous and giggly. I think I get naturally high on being little, it makes me happy… I’m so silly! *embarrased* I hope you like it!


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Yoga and the Girls – Naturist Freedom


Naturist girls truly do yoga. Apparently, it’s really not a game, but the real lessons from this instructor. Film based on the rule can serve as a textbook for beginners.

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Fantastic Fun Time Festival

25 октября 2014 Нет комментариев

It is a pity that these memorable for every naturist days have already passed, but in the following years in Koktebel Neptune Day will be celebrated on an even grander scale. It really is a fantastic festival and a great job of the film, which can rightly be called a classic nudist documentary. Camping in the circle of friends, but still as active as in this film will give strength and health of the whole year ahead! Very colorful, fun and high quality film.

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International Naturist Dance Show

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Dancing on the naturist beach. It’s really more than competition, and a big show, where he defeated the one who won himself – came out naked in the middle of the circle and performed a dance.

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