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Diary of a Teenage Nudist

Documentary film studio ZKK, filmed for British Channel 4 in 2004, "The Diary of a teenager, nudist" (Diary of a Teenage Nudist) was in the same year shown on British television and has caused on the one hand a lot of interest, and on the other — a storm of indignation bigots and "guardians of morality", who resented the Internet and the media — "a member of a close-up on TV, how awful!" and other such nonsense. The plot of the film is about the — the girl-teenager raised in a family of nudists — nudist club owners. After the entry into adolescence it began to overcome complexes, such as thick and beautiful and she stopped practicing nudism. What would overcome their teenage complexes she decided to take a few interviews at nudist England and the United States about their motivation sessions nudism. In the end, what came of it — after watching all will become clear.

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