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Skipped Parts (2000)


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American Nudist (2011)


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Dreaming Abuot You (1992)

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American Nudist 2011

New American film almost dead in the official movie theme nudism. The young lady invites well-known journalist in a nudist club in Hawaii, where he gladly takes the whole crowd is very nice models. Between times there are various dialogues about life, memories of history of nudism and most importantly — young beauty almost constantly hang out in the frame. Very nice and unobtrusive filmets with meager budget of only $ 100,000, but shot stylish and tasteful.

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In the buff / Barefoot to the neck / Naked Truth / Barfuß bis zum Hals (2009)

German comedy on the theme of nudism about a successful entrepreneur, do their business on tailoring, which for the first time in 10 years of hard work still afford to take a vacation. For this, he bought 500 hectares of forest, where going to relax — to hunt and at the same time to make peace with his 18-year-old daughter. But what a bummer waiting for this exemplary family man, a Catholic and a strict conservative: at the campsite, where he came under the guise of a sports club disguised whole, oh, oh — nudist colony ..!

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Mother Naturists

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Body painting and decorating in honor of Mother Nature is the theme for this lakeside gathering. The Naturists proudly display the work of the talented artists. Swimming and dock diving are also part of the fun. In fact, in this film, not only naturist young mothers and their husbands and children. Cool movie about the Russian otdye natristov on the shore of the reservoir. Perfect competition of body art, merry swimming … A striking example horosheo and kind of family naturism.

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