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Cottage Colony

Naturist Buddies Vol.7

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Camp duna 06

Replenish video about piggy nudistok. At this time — Peter neighborhood and famous beach "Dune", where nudists like to congregate "of all stripes." Girls took badminton, good mood and the three came here to relax. They pretty tanned looker "bystanders" who have been here — a fairly hidden coast section.
In the video we see the heroine of the story bask under the sun, playing naked badminton on the sandy beach in Sestrorezk (Dune). Girls are pretty cute, with even tan — just look nice. Do you want to tan without a trace from a bathing suit as they have? Take the example of the fair sex — went to the beach (near the lawn of a private home), undressed — Lights!


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Cottage Colony – Naturist Freedom


A large group of members of the public took the family naturism good weather and headed out of town to relax, pay attention to children, socialize and just enjoy the direct contact with nature.

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Naturist Buddies Vol 7

15 октября 2014 Нет комментариев

This time the meeting took place in a large family camping for naturists. Here are the conditions for outdoor activities: sports plaschadkah, playing fields, a large hall, and more. The film shows how to relax, to not be bored, but it was fun and good for health.

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