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Virgin Pink Soles — Welcome

Hi! My name is Ashton! I am a 22 year old college student studying to be a nurse.

I am a petite 5″ 1′ girl with very small size 5 feet. They are very soft, pink, and wrinkly. If you like small feet, with cute pedicures, toe rings, flip flops, messy feet, dirty feet, high heels, socks, pointed toes, spread toes, and wrinkly soles you will like the feet on my site! I like to re-invest back into my site to make it better for you the viewer.

You will see beautiful pictures and videos of my very beautiful little feet. Which each set of pictures I tell you all about the experience of doing them, and exactly what you will see in each set. So you know what you are getting! And most of my picture sets are large!

Along with pictures of me you will find pictures and videos of my friends. We hope that you enjoy watching my very cute site continue to grow with every toe spread, wrinkle, pointed toe along the way.


Screenshots: Gallery

Download link: Download

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