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Vito and the Others (1991)



The innovative film about the problems of homeless children and street crime in the poorest neighborhoods of Naples. Father Vito, Rosario, in a fit of despair, kills his wife and daughter on the dinner table, and our protagonist, surrendered to the care of relatives, now has a lot of free time he spends with his friends in the street. They are hanging around on the streets, typical street children. The film is quite brutal, almost chernukha. The boys have to go to great lengths to survive. Theft, drug trafficking, prostitution. Despite her young age, even prison escape Vito fail.



Director: Antonio Capuano / Antonio Capuano.
Starring: Nando Tirol, Giovanni Bruno, Pina Leone, Mario Leuti Antonio Iakkarino, Giuseppina Fusco, Antonio Farak, Alfredo Tassiero, Pasquale Amo, Massimo Antachito, Enzo Bacarello, Elio De Gregori.
Italy, 1991


Duration: 1:27:58
Resolution: 640×416
Format: avi
Size: 744Mb






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