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Winnie Regresses Lolette

Winnie Regresses Lolette

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Lolette thinks she’s too old for diapers now, but ever since Daddy started letting her wear panties she’s been a sassy, back-talking brat! She used to be such a sweet baby… a perfect Daddy’s girl, waddling around in her puffy white diapers! Daddy wants his little baby back, and Nurse Winnie at the ABDreams Regression Clinic is determined to make it happen. She doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer when Lolette refuses to take off her clothes, and after a hard spanking with the leather paddle Lolette wont be telling her to ‘fuck off’ again! Even Lolette has a hard time feeling like a big girl when her red, spanked ass is tied down to the exam table. The nurse force-feeds her a regression tablet that is quick to take effect, turning Lolette into a blushing little baby slut that can’t help but moan when Winnie puts a diaper under her bottom and tugs that soft pad up between her legs, pressing it against her pussy. When the special vitamin takes full affect it makes Lolette’s pussy ache for attention, but unfortunately for Lolette… she’s still just barely adult enough to feel ashamed and scared as her bladder fills up and the urge to wet becomes hard to resist. But Winnie doesn’t care to hear her complaints, either, and Lolette ends up with a pacifier gag in her mouth while she’s left to wait for the Doctor.

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