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zipang 6099 VIP ken-net.promotion!ayumi 17



Photographer arrested! Is to have taken the amateur girls who met on the Internet exchange site of the model, vision of iodine people image series «ken-net.promotion»! Ayumi-chan showed me the radical production in the previous work, introduce the work which was re-appearance to become the 17-year-old. Ayumi-chan was the self-introduction I suited to the camera, immediately, When you open the crotch bold to sneak a hand the radical swimsuit to show off in front ♪ crotch, start your ○ knee and put a finger over there! Unlike previous work, you will not accidentally enter reliably finger …! Scene changes, to hide milk ○ in such a rotor of the milking machine, further, Ayumi-chan was re-appeared in embarrassing figure who devoted the rotor in the groin. A girl of 17 years old, and would not be up to such a thing …! It is of course is became a vision …. Next up, it is the challenge to the pseudo Blow Close your eyes! A little awkward movement, it has been allowed to involuntarily excited …. In the second half of the scene, o ○ and knee using the electric machine, to be or is Ma blame in a state of being blindfolded restraint, it is even more extreme scene miss! It becomes 17 years old, a radical image video of the little Ayumi chan close to the adult, Please enjoy ♪



Duration: 1:33:18
Resolution: 640×360
Format: wmv
Size: 1091Mb






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