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Photographer arrested! Is to have taken the amateur girls who met on the Internet exchange site of the model, vision of iodine people image series «ken-net.promotion»! This time, we introduce the works that petite girl Kana-chan was the young features have appeared in radical image video «kana 16-year-old.» Kana-chan appeared to sit on the bed remains uniform. You are a mature makeup but, etc. looks much ○ students in even look cormorants and Osanagao …. While showing a smile toward the camera, Kana-chan that frilly the waist across the pillow. Next up, when you stretch while issuing the raw change of clothes ♪ navel in bloomers take off the uniform … will it superbly Poti! When the stretch is finished, gently touch the bust and crotch from the top of the clothes, unveiling ♪ bloomers tail ○ knee is odious figure bites to ass does not have balls! Scene changes, and re-appeared in the school swimsuit, it is us once again to show the clothes Oh ○ knee. — In the second half of the scene, Kana-chan is constrained both hands are blindfolded is, by us the challenge to Rotao ○ knee! Many of the works that has become a phantom with extremists too. The public for a limited time! If you miss this opportunity, and I will surely would regret ~!



Duration: 1:10:22
Resolution: 640×480
Format: wmv
Size: 823Mb






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