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Ariel grew up to be one of our most popular girls in the last few weeks. She's a tall glass of "Oh my fucking goodness!" and with her blonde hair and stunning green eyes, you might want to have plenty of fluids available when you check out her sets as most likely you will be drained afterwards!
Here she rocks out a hot legs and feet set for us wearing a knitted purple top, black skirt, and some kind of super sexy boots! She looks like Wicca vixen ready to cast a cock spell on us, and when she hikes up her skirt to show some thigh, I think were all done for. But that's okay, because all she wants us to do is get goo goo ga ga over her, that's not bad at all. Especially when she pulls the clothing off, pops into doggy, tickles her asshole and gapes her slit open for us. My kind of witch for sure! The antics continue in and around her bed, with her nicely trimmed twat, tanned tatas and long curvaceous legs just luring us in deeper and deeper. Ariel, please, could you cast a fuckenig spell on us that would allow us to make love to you forever? Please please please!!

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